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Please get the information for you to know about requirements how to design materials for our magazine.

1. Materials are sent in the electronic form Word 7.0 format or the later version. If it is possible send us please a paper based version (front page printed А4, format, text – 1,5 interval, the  font size — 14) with the author’s signature on the last page. Please send us no more than 22 pages- for PHD authors and 12 pages for writers without degree. Scripts are not sent back. Materials published earlier or sent to several magazines are not accepted.

2. The author will get the information about publication of the article if not- you will know the reasons for refusal of your script.

3. The contract about the right to use the content of the script is made orally and free of charge .i.e. you ( authors and post graduate students ) do not need to pay for publication of your articles and the authors fee is not paid. Providing the article for publication the author gives the permission to make it shorter and to edit it for accommodation in the reference and legal systems ( also in the Internet) that have the required  agreement with the Editorial Board.

4. The authors provide the following materials in a separate file in Russian and in English:

  • The information about the position, scientific degree, academic rank  and the place of job;
  • Surname, first name, patronymic name;
  • The title of the article;
  • Annotation ( 4-5 lines)
  • Key words from the text of the article( 4-6 words or word combinations);
  • E-mail address

In addition to that the author provides pre-article bibliographical list  in Russian only ( is done in the alphabetical order  from the scientific resources  titles you refer in the text of your article) and УДК code that requires the content of the article (http://teacode.com/online/udc/  or  http://www.udk-codes.net/).
The information provided to our Editorial Board according to this point will be in the free access in the Internet.

5. Materials that do not follow the requirements are not accepted.

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